New release: Orquesta Tangarte – La milonga que faltaba

A new single from Orquesta Tangarte “La milonga que faltaba”. Available for download and streaming on all the usual services like iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. from 2019 06 24!

Orquesta Tangarte – La milonga que faltaba
Orquesta Tangarte – La milonga que faltaba

It is time for a new release from Orquesta Tangarte, a little celebration of the group’s 20th anniversary this year! This recording of La milonga que faltaba is dedicated to the wonderful DJ Marcelo Rojas of La 2×4. Saludos & abrazos Marcelo from Tangarte!

Orquesta Tangarte
Orquesta Tangarte

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Juanjo Passo – bandoneon
Garik Binder – piano
Irina Binder – violin
Hedda Heiskanen – violin
Per Tidstrand – violoncello
Viktor Auregård – double bass

Musical direction Juanjo Passo.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Per Tidstrand. Produced by Per Tidstrand.

New release: Anna Fält “Sauna” & “Puun loitsu”

We are proud to bring you Anna Fält with her first two singles “Sauna” and “Puun loitsu”. Available for download and streaming on all the usual services like iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. now!

Anna Fält – Sauna. monophon ©2018  (MPHSGL002)

Anna Fält talks about her music and the project:

“This is the first single called SAUNA and it is an old sauna spell text I wrote music to years ago when composing to the dance performance ¡RÅ!. The new piece is is a modified version of the original I made last fall to a special gig at my favorite sauna, Ribersborgs Kallbadhus in Malmö.”

“The other single, PUUN LOITSU, is based on the ancient singing traditions of the so called Finnskogarna in Sweden, forrests that were colonized by the mysterious Forrest Finns. This is a spell for a tree and it is one of the first songs I composed to my solo performance Finnskogarnas magi. It is also the only song on the upcoming album where we took advantage of studio technics and recorded several tracks so that the recorded version differs from the live one. Otherwise the whole album is all about one voice, a cappella solo singing, stripped, minimalistic and simple. Just the way I like it.”

“March 2015 I received two grants to start working with a project in which I am studying the ancient singing traditions collected from the so called “Finnish forests” in Sweden (and a bit behind the border in Norway). These forests were unsettled until about 1600’s when thousands of Finns came and started burning down the forests, making them into fields with their special technique. Still in 1960’s there were a few people who could the old songs and traditions and spoke Finnish; they had preserved the dialect and traditional songs that had vanished in Finland.

Anna Fält (photo by Jerry Pedersen)

So far I’ve been in Värmland, middle of Western-Sweden where the Swedish “Finnskogarna” still have old houses left and a culture centre/museum in Lekvattnet. I’ve visited several old “Finnish houses” and I also got the possibility to travel to Norway to sing at the annual Finnskogdagene festival 2015. After this I’ve been back in these places several times.

Anna Fält – Puun Loitsu. monophon ©2018  (MPHSGL003)

The opening night of my solo performance “Finnskogarnas magi” was Thursday (a magical day of the week in the Forest Finns old tradition!) 19/11.2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The next show was also in Stockholm at Teater Slava Friday 9/12 and the first show in Finland was 17/12 .

Finnskogarnas Magi is an on-going project, which will continue it’s journey. Summer 2016 I performed at Sommelo Folk Music Festival and gave a lecture about this tradition. The seminars, lectures and research work will continue alongside the upcoming performances. 2017 I gave a workshop on these songs at Urkult festival in Sweden and performed Finnskogarnas magi for the 5th time, of course on a Thursday… I’ve had several solo concerts with this material, for example at the Faroe Islands and Iceland.”

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Album Credits:
Anna Fält, vocals. Graphics by Emma Fält.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Per Tidstrand.

Emilia Alvarez ”Time for Change” single +”Move on” EP release friday July 15th!

Emilia Alvarez second single is “Time for Change” released 15 July 2011 and we have filmed a nice little video for that song. The song is intimate, thoughtful and laid back, and it tells a story that most of us will associate with, to get one’s act together and to get on with oneself. Unfortunately it’s not a very easy thing to do for all of us nowadays, especially many young women are struggling with this. So it is certainly a song with some importance besides being a beautiful song with lovely vocals, cello, acoustic guitar etc.

The EP “Move On” contains five great songs, all quite different but we are sure you will like them all. The single as well as the EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and a zillion of other stores, as well as Spotify or whatever your favourite streaming service might be.

Time for Change: Written by Emilia Alvarez & Sofia Alvarez Tidstrand. Emilia Alvarez vocals, Fredrik Silfverberg acoustic guitar, Per Tidstrand electric bass, violoncello, Minimoog V, drums. Recorded & mixed by Per Tidstrand at I/O studios, Malmö, Sweden. Produced by Per Tidstrand. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK.

Emilia Alvarez first single “Move On”

“Move On” is from today available on iTunes and Bandcamp! A zillion of other stores will follow soon as well as Spotify and so on. Enjoy it loudly!!! 

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store.
Emilia Alvarez – Move On. (monophon) MPHSG001, 2011

Emilia Alvarez vocals, backing vocals, Sofia Alvarez Tidstrand backing vocals, Tobias Samuelsson drums, Fredrik Silfverberg electric guitar, Per Tidstrand bass guitar, electric guitar, organ, synthesizer, programming, Robert Pettersson tambourine. Recorded & mixed by Per Tidstrand at I/O studios, Malmö, Sweden. Produced by Per Tidstrand. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK.

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