Emilia Alvarez ”Time for Change” single +”Move on” EP release friday July 15th!

Emilia Alvarez second single is “Time for Change” released 15 July 2011 and we have filmed a nice little video for that song. The song is intimate, thoughtful and laid back, and it tells a story that most of us will associate with, to get one’s act together and to get on with oneself. Unfortunately it’s not a very easy thing to do for all of us nowadays, especially many young women are struggling with this. So it is certainly a song with some importance besides being a beautiful song with lovely vocals, cello, acoustic guitar etc.

The EP “Move On” contains five great songs, all quite different but we are sure you will like them all. The single as well as the EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and a zillion of other stores, as well as Spotify or whatever your favourite streaming service might be.

Time for Change: Written by Emilia Alvarez & Sofia Alvarez Tidstrand. Emilia Alvarez vocals, Fredrik Silfverberg acoustic guitar, Per Tidstrand electric bass, violoncello, Minimoog V, drums. Recorded & mixed by Per Tidstrand at I/O studios, Malmö, Sweden. Produced by Per Tidstrand. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK.