New release: Sexteto Bandango – Oblivion

Sexteto Bandango are here with their first EP called Oblivion. It will be released 2016 03 01 for download and streaming on all the usual services like iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store. Sexteto Bandango - Oblivion monophon MPHEP007, 2016.
Sexteto Bandango – Oblivion (EP). monophon ©2016 (MPHEP007)

Sexteto Bandango – Oblivion (EP)

#01 Michelangelo 70, Astor Piazzolla
#02 Oblivion, Astor Piazzolla
#03 Tanguedia, Astor Piazzolla
#04 Prologue (Tango Apasionado) from The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night, Astor Piazzolla

Sexteto Bandango is a band where musicians from different genres – tango, jazz, improvisation and classical music meet to jointly embark on exploring the concertante tango repertoire of Astor Piazzolla classics to to- day’s Tango Nuevo. With a slightly different instrumental composition and a hint of jazz the main thread is tango and improvisation. 

Right now the band’s material is based on Astor Piazzolla but Sexteto Bandango also play music by John Coltrane, for example, but also Alberto Ginastera and other new Argentine composers Ramiro Gallo, Pedro Giraudo, Julian Graciano and Andres Lynetzky. 

The four tracks on the EP Oblivion are all written by Astor Piazzolla, and they range from the meditative to the heavy and brutal, with many contrasts and moods simultaneously. 

Juanjo Passo, who leads the group, is also leading tango orchestra Orquesta Tangarte and was portrayed in Swedish National Television program series “Doreen comes home” 2015.

Album Credits:

Sexteto Bandango: Juanjo Passo, bandoneon | Dante Hidemark Boström, piano | Peter Olsson, electric guitar | Viktor Auregård, double bass | Joakim Jensen drums | Mårten Lundgren trumpet. 

Recorded, mixed och mastered by Per Tidstrand.

Tummel release album #4 “PAYBACK TIME”!

This great album was recorded in I/O studios. With the addition of singer Jens Friis-Hansen, the band takes a definite step closer to “popular” music, adding ingredients from pop, rock, jazz and cabaret music, while still retaining a strong foothold in the music of Eastern Europe. Now available on CD and in download stores!

Tummel – Payback Time

From :

”TUMMEL rises from the ashes after the toughest time in the bands history:
After finishing recording their third album TUMMEL’s clarinetist decides to leave the band! The tubaist strikes his head in his workshop, and due to a serious brain concussion he is forced to take a year off! The drummer manages to break his leg during the recording session, 3 months on crutches. A mysterious fever rages among the rest of the members. Despite bursting livers, TUMMEL succeed to finish the record! And in midst of these sufferings, three children are born, engagements are broken and cars wrecked!

TUMMEL is looking for revenge. The album “Payback Time” proves that all accidents have made the band even stronger. With the new member Jens Friis-Hansen on vocals, “Payback Time” offers 13 brand new songs where TUMMEL’s characteristic energy forces everyone to hit the dance floor! “Payback Time” is a collection of bittersweet stories, rumbling loser hymns furious klezmer and vulgar disco beats from the nightclubs around the Black Sea. It is a raging and delightful bastardomusic with roots in a time when all parties lasted until dawn!”

Album credits:
Accordion – Edin Bahtijaragic*
Cello – Per Tidstrand (tracks: 7)
Double Bass – Martin Eriksson (10) (tracks: 11,13)
Drums – Jonatan Aisen
Guitar, Saw, Synthesizer [Moog] – Tobias Allvin
Helicon – Jonatan Ahlbom
Mixed By, Mastered By – Joakim Barfalk
Percussion – Daniel Pergament Persson (tracks: 3)
Recorded By – Per Tidstrand
Saxophone – Pär Moberg
Trombone – Göran Abelli (tracks: 9)
Violin – Andreas Rudenå
Vocals, Mixed By [Assistance], Mastered By [Assistance] – Jens Friis-Hansen*

Payback Time was recorded by Per Tidstrand / monophon at I/O studios and mixed and mastered by Joakim Barfalk / Chromophone.