New release: Alligator Gumbo Lacassine Special

We are proud to present Alligator Gumbo and a new EP from monophon. It is available for download on iTunes and other download services 2012 08 10.

No longer available from us. Since Nov. 2014 distributed by Alligator Gumbo - Lacassine Special monophon MPHEP006, 2012.
Alligator Gumbo – Lacassine Special

Alligator Gumbo – unpolished and honest cajun music from the heart! Cajun music is a world heritage that was born and developed with the french immigrants in South Western Louisiana during the 19th century. Alligator Gumbo is a band with it’s roots in South Western Sweden, with their love for music from the South they have devoted themselves for the cajun tradition. With the right instruments and interpretations Alligator Gumbo invite for dancing but also something to enjoy for a seated audience. The lyrics are in ”Louisiana French” – passionate with thematics such as unanswered love, hard living, but of course also the joys of life.

The EP “Lacassine Special” contains seven great songs and it is available on iTunes, Amazon and a zillion of other stores, as well as Spotify or whatever your favourite streaming service might be.

Recorded & mixed by Per Tidstrand at I/O studios, Malmö, Sweden.