New release: Pøbel – Lux Luminum

We are very happy to present Pøbel and their first album Lux Luminum. It will be released 2017 05 13 on CD (available for order at and here at, and on all the usual digital music download stores. Streaming release is set to follow in September this year.

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or your favourite download store. CD ORDERS: Order your CD at Pøbel - Lux Luminum monophon MPHFL005, 2017.
Pøbel – Lux Luminum monophon ©2017 (MPHFL005).

Dressed in historically correct 1470-clothes and armed with shawms, flutes, bagpipes, drums, fiddle, hurdy gurdy and lute, Pøbel bring the audience back in time aided by facts and stories of the instruments and melodies. If granted the opportunity, they will happily put on the dancing shoes. 

Pøbel is an old Scandinavian word for mob or crowd. As the name suggests, Pøbel like to focus on the music of the common man – the music that ordinary people could have experienced at the faire or at other festive occasions around medieval Europe.

The album Lux Luminum is certainly a good case in point, with it’s colourful parade of folklorical and well-arranged medieval tunes from both Scandinavia and other parts of the World.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your own dancing shoes.


Album Credits:
Mads Kjøller-Henningsen, hurdy-gurdy, shawms, flutes, bagpipes & vocals, Lasse Væver Jacobsen, medieval fiddles & vocals, Magnus Heebøll Jacobsen, cylindrical drum, frame drum, dumbed, tambourine & vocals, Thor Ahlgren, bagpipes, lout, recorder, kaval & vocals

All tracks arranged by Pøbel
Special guest on ”Lullaby” Agnes Åhlund
Produced and recorded by Troels Alsted at his studio (2017)
”Grand Banquet” recorded by Michael Caplin at Skurups Folkhögskola (2014)
Mixed by Troels Alsted & Pøbel
Mastering by Per Tidstrand
Photos by Benjamin Tarp
Cover layout by Mads Kjøller-Henningsen