Lira review of Lo que vendrá

We have received a nice little review of Rumores de orquesta in the Swedish music magazine Lira # 5 2007!


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Orquesta Típica Tangarte – Lo que vendrá

Orquesta Tipica Tangarte

Lo que vendra

monophon Sweden

Tango. Orquesta Tipica Tangarte is an Argentinean-Swedish tango orchestra that was formed in Malmö in 1999. The orchestra plays primarily the tango from Rio de la Plata, with a wide repertoire from the old-guard-tango onwards to the modern style. Now Tangarte have reached their third album after eight years together, and have also participated in international tango festivals even in Argentina, the homeland of tango. The music on the new album is composed by some of the big names in tango history during the first half of the 20th century and they are beautiful melodies. Tangarte are playing both for concerts and for dancing, but on the record media it is primarily the tracks where the orchestra´s nestor Juan José Passo sings with his characterful voice that stick to my mind. But also the tracks that have more original arrangements for the strings and the bandoneon linger on. It is a humble and a respectful recording, but at the same time ambitious and above all characterized by the love for tango.

Rolf Nilsén

(Freely translated) from Swedish music magazine Lira nr 5 2007.