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232 Strängar – Spunnet

232 Strängar

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We are proud to bring you 232 Strängar with their first album Spunnet. 

232 Strängar (which means 232 Strings) duo will take you on a journey from northern Sweden’s forests down to the open plains of Skåne, where the piano’s tone colours are woven together with the violin’s intricate harmonies and together create a different and exciting form of folk music today.

The music tells of emotions, highs and lows, shaped in beautiful waltzes, groovy schottis, melancholic polskas, where no one is left untouched. The duo’s penchant for improvisation and other genres such as jazz, creating interesting arrangements, delicate soundscapes and curious rhythm.

Although the number of musicians not more than two, the width of the music is great and the colours are many.

Frida Höfling & Emma Engström met at Skurups folk high school and have in recent years been performing at festivals, dance halls, churches, schools, nursing homes, cafes, jazz clubs and trains throughout Sweden.

Album credits:
Frida Höfling, violins and cow horn, Emma Engström, piano. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg.

232 Strängar - Spunnet
monophon MPHFL004, 2016.