New release: Malin Ekstrand – Nära

We are proud to present Malin Ekstrand and a new EP from monophon. It is available for download on iTunes and other download services 2011 03 11.

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store. Malin Ekstrand - Nära monophon MPHEP003, 2011.
Malin Ekstrand – Nära. monophon © 2011 (MPHEP003)

”The Music: Open, Warm, Loving, Personal, Happy, Laid Back, Intimate, Elaborated, Playful, Soft, Ingenious. Malin: I am just like anybody with thoughts and ideas, right and wrong. The difference is that I write it down, using music. My life, so far, has been very exciting and I have had many positive surprises. 

In addition to my lovely man and my two wonderful children I also enjoy having music as a close friend. Music has always followed me, but in different shapes and genres: pop, rock, funk, soul, jazz, musicals and that mixture of everything that is a genre of its own. All of it has enriched my life and helped me develop. I have been given the opportunity to explore music as a pianist, a solo artist, a choir singer, a teacher, a creator and as a listener. The music in my life changes, as do my goals and myself. My next goal is to always believe in myself. 

A good friend said: If a song has come to you it is selfish not to pass it on. These five songs have come to me, you can have them. / Malin”

Knowing that Malin has a strong following abroad, we chose to make the presentation in English, although her lyrics in these songs are in Swedish. The songs are written by Malin Ekstrand. Grodor i ring Malin Ekstrand vocals, piano, Johannes Nästesjö double bass, Johan Melén drums, Fredrik Silfverberg electric guitar, Daniel Dahlquist backing vocals, Per Tidstrand Mellotron, Jupiter8. Tvilling Malin Ekstrand vocals, piano, Johannes Nästesjö double bass, Johan Melén drums, Fredrik Silfverberg electric guitar, Per Tidstrand Mellotron, ARP2600V. Nära Malin Ekstrand vocals, piano. Ibland tvär Malin Ekstrand vocals, piano, Johannes Nästesjö double bass, Johan Melén drums, Martin Thuvesson saxophone. En Sista Dag Malin Ekstrand vocals, piano. All tracks were recorded by Per Tidstrand at I/O studios in Malmö, Sweden.

Tummel release album #4 “PAYBACK TIME”!

This great album was recorded in I/O studios. With the addition of singer Jens Friis-Hansen, the band takes a definite step closer to “popular” music, adding ingredients from pop, rock, jazz and cabaret music, while still retaining a strong foothold in the music of Eastern Europe. Now available on CD and in download stores!

Tummel – Payback Time

From :

”TUMMEL rises from the ashes after the toughest time in the bands history:
After finishing recording their third album TUMMEL’s clarinetist decides to leave the band! The tubaist strikes his head in his workshop, and due to a serious brain concussion he is forced to take a year off! The drummer manages to break his leg during the recording session, 3 months on crutches. A mysterious fever rages among the rest of the members. Despite bursting livers, TUMMEL succeed to finish the record! And in midst of these sufferings, three children are born, engagements are broken and cars wrecked!

TUMMEL is looking for revenge. The album “Payback Time” proves that all accidents have made the band even stronger. With the new member Jens Friis-Hansen on vocals, “Payback Time” offers 13 brand new songs where TUMMEL’s characteristic energy forces everyone to hit the dance floor! “Payback Time” is a collection of bittersweet stories, rumbling loser hymns furious klezmer and vulgar disco beats from the nightclubs around the Black Sea. It is a raging and delightful bastardomusic with roots in a time when all parties lasted until dawn!”

Album credits:
Accordion – Edin Bahtijaragic*
Cello – Per Tidstrand (tracks: 7)
Double Bass – Martin Eriksson (10) (tracks: 11,13)
Drums – Jonatan Aisen
Guitar, Saw, Synthesizer [Moog] – Tobias Allvin
Helicon – Jonatan Ahlbom
Mixed By, Mastered By – Joakim Barfalk
Percussion – Daniel Pergament Persson (tracks: 3)
Recorded By – Per Tidstrand
Saxophone – Pär Moberg
Trombone – Göran Abelli (tracks: 9)
Violin – Andreas Rudenå
Vocals, Mixed By [Assistance], Mastered By [Assistance] – Jens Friis-Hansen*

Payback Time was recorded by Per Tidstrand / monophon at I/O studios and mixed and mastered by Joakim Barfalk / Chromophone.

New release: OPA!

Good Friday April, 10 sees the release of a new EP from monophon. It is available for download on iTunes and other download services. OPA! is also availabe as a CD at the band’s shows.

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store. OPA - O Apokliros monophon MPHEP001, 2009.
OPA! – O Apokliros. monophon © 2009 (MPHEP001)

OPA! – O Apokliros

“OPA!” framför en mix av känd och okänd grekisk musik: visor, zeibekiko, chassapiko, tsifteteli!

Gruppen består av engagerade och virtuosa musiker som känner passion för grekisk musik. Huvudelen av materialet består av rebetiko, en genre som utveklades under nittonhundratalets början i hamnstaden Pireus nära Aten, men OPA! har även en stor repertoar med folkkära grekiska melodier och sist men inte minst de personliga favoriter som sångaren Michael Sideridis introducerat för bandet. Stommen i orkestern består av Trio OPA! som är sångaren Michael Sideridis ackompanjerad av Tobias Allvin, Bouzouki och Andreas Rudenå, gitarr. I sin fulla sättning omfattar OPA! sju musiker:

Michael Sideridis, vocals
Tobias Allvin, bouzouki
Thor Ahlgren, bouzouki
Andreas Rudenå, guitar
Johan Ols Olsson, accordion
Martin Eriksson, double bass
Daniel Pergament Persson, percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Per Tidstrand.

New release: Orquesta Típica Tangarte LO QUE VENDRÁ

DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store. SVERIGE: Beställ CD genom att maila till SEK 150 inkl porto inom Sverige (betalning via eller faktura, vänligen ange önskad betalningsmetod). INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Order CD by sending an email to SEK 150 (approx. 15 € / 20 $) incl. international shipping (payment through PayPal - credit cards accepted). Orquesta Típica Tangarte - Rumores de orquesta monophon MPHCD002, 2012.
DOWNLOAD: Visit iTunes Music Store or or your favourite download store. monophon © 2012 (MPHCD002)

Finally it is time for Tangarte’s new record Lo que vendrá to see the light of day. And as if that weren’t enough, it is also the first release from monophon as a record label! 

We start by celebrating at Barnens scen in Malmö on October, 26, 2007 at 7 pm for invited and from 8.30 pm for everyone, where there also will be a short live performance. The record will be sold at a reduced price for that evening. The record will also be available through iTunes music store and other download services.

For a start the physical record will only be available at concerts or by order in the shop, but later on we will try to get it distributed to stores as well.

Lo que vendrá is the name of the latest record by Orquesta Típica Tangarte. The album is available on iTunes music store (in the new plus format with better audio quality and without copy protection) and several other download services, just as the last record. For a start the physical record will only be available at shows or at, but later on we hope to get it to record stores as well.

Orquesta Típica Tangarte is an Argentinean-Swedish tango orchestra with the intention of spreading the tango from Rio de la Plata. Their music is primarily played for dancing; for people to meet in the embrace of the tango and to be carried away by the music. Tangarte plays a wide repertoire ranging from the old-guard tango to the modern style tango from 1940 and onwards. Well-known composers like Villoldo, Canaro, Fresedo, Di Sarli, Troilo and Piazzolla, just to mention a few, are part of this repertoire.

The orchestra plays tango music of Argentinean tradition along with milongas and waltzes. With this wide range of music, the programme is also suitable for concert performances. Tangarte is under musical and artistic direction of Juanjo Passo, guitar player, who founded the group in june 1999. The orchestra has had great guests musicians, singers and dancers: bandoneon players Luis Stazo, Carlos Buono and Marcelo Mercadante, singer Elizabeth Figueroa and dancer Marcela Troncoso.

Tangarte is based in the city of Malmö, Sweden to spread their tango music to the world. The orchestra has performed in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Spain and France. Among others main events Tangarte has perfomed in Stockholm International Tango Festival 2003, Malmö Tango Festival 2004, 5th World Tango Summit in Rosario (Argentina), 6th World Tango Summit in Sevilla (Spain), Salamanca University (Spain), 7th World Tango Summit in Valparaiso (Chile), Buenos Aires, International Tango Festival of Tarbes, International Tango Festival of Granada (Spain), TV NDR of Germany, TV4 Sweden.

The latest record is ”Lo que vendrá” (2007). Tangarte has previously recorded two CDs – ”Danzarin” (Skåneton/Hi-hat records) and ”Ecos de Tango” (EDT) from the tango show with the same name.

Album credits:

Orquesta Típica Tangarte

Juan José Passo – vocals
Juanjo Passo – guitar
Tord Sölvesson – accordeon
Lars Pilsgaard Hansen – accordeon
Santiago Cimadevilla – bandoneon
Jerzy Markiewicz – piano
Garik Binder – piano
Irina Binder – violin
Hedda Heiskanen – violin
Sarah Nordholm – violin
Per Tidstrand – violoncello
Robert Pettersson – double bass

Musical direction Juanjo Passo. Produced by Per Tidstrand. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Per Tidstrand & Robert Pettersson at I/O studios, Malmö, Sweden. Design: Per Tidstrand Photo: Sofia Alvarez Tidstrand