It is quite simple: a couple of well trained ears, a nice recording atmosphere and professional recording equipment will make a great difference in the end result of your recording!

We offer the complete production all the way up to the finished master. We record in our own collaborative recording studio: I/O studios. And our mobile recording equipment makes it easy to record anywhere - where the music is taking place. All the information about the studio and the technical stuff you will at

Please note: The studio was unfortunately flooded and we decided to temporarily close down the studio premises. We will relocate in the near future. In the meantime, we have our mobile equipment, so we can still record elsewhere.

We aim to manage any musical style, sound or noise. To illustrate the spectrum - below you can see some examples from the past.

But now to the future: Contact us and tell us about your ideas - no projects are too small, and even really large projects are possible to manage with our network of engineers, musicians and collaborators. Since every production is unique please contact us for a price suggestion and to discuss a suitable solution.

While we for the time being don’t have a full recording studio of our own, we would like to be clear about that we are offering recording services with our mobile equipment for on location recording.

We are using professional equipment of very high standards. This is not a full list, but to illustrate a little we are using ProTools and Logic software, RME interface and conversion with up to 28 inputs, Trident preamps, microphones from DPA, Milab, AKG, Audio Technica, Shure, Sennheiser, Wunder Audio and more. All to ensure high quality recordings ranging from very clean and neutral to more colourful and vibrant as desired and suitable for the situation. We can, of course, also bring in whatever equipment is needed.

We are good at dealing with classical music, chamber music, orchestra and choir, as well as contemporary music and EA music. We are good at working with world music and jazz. We are good at working with pop, rock and electronic music. To sum things up, we are good at working with acoustic and electric/electronic sound. And sometimes we do things we don’t know if we are good at;-)

So, contact us and tell us about your ideas and let’s see what is possible!

Recording & music production

Let us record your stuff.

Some productions where monophon / Per Tidstrand has been involved as a producer, sound engineer and/or musician:

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