We are a record label, and also we offer music production/sound recording and music performance services. It is mainly based around me - Per Tidstrand - and what I do as a musician, music producer and sound engineer. We collaborate with other musicians, sound engineers and producers.

At present time we record mainly on location. We distribute music on the internet on all the usual services such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer - you know them all. As a label, we work with artists mainly on a distribution agreement basis. But feel free to send us a demo if you like.

We can help you mix your own recordings. We can get you great arrangers. We can provide musicians for studio work and for live performance from our extensive network in the region.

See the recording sections for examples of works in the past.

About monophon

The name of our collaborative studio is I/O studios - www.inoutmusic.se

monophon and I/O studios are at home in Malmö, Sweden. But we work where there is work to be done - it doesn’t really matter if it’s Burlöv (look it up!), Berlin or Buenos Aires.

Vi är Malmöbaserade och det mesta av det vi gör sker i Öresundsregionen. Webbsidan är på engelska för att slippa dubbelarbete med översättningar. Vi har emellanåt långväga gäster. Man får förstås gärna höra av sig till oss på svenska:-)

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